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Addictive drugs to Caution! Use
There is a special class of drug, because of containing tramadol, codeine and other ingredients, in the major clinical demulcent and relieving coughs, this class of drugs and narcotics are similar, if abused may produce dependence and addiction. Drug addiction (also known as drug addiction) is a kind of morbid state of dependence on drugs. The reason is due to repeated (periodic or continuous) caused by application of the same drug, it is harmful to the individual also harmful to society. Drug addiction are summarized as follows: 1. Morphine, such as morphine, codeine, opioid, pethidine (Du Lengding), DHE etc.. The sedative hypnotic drugs, such as diazepam (An Ding), chloral hydrate, phenobarbital (Lu Mina). The cocaine. The cannabis. The central stimulants such as methamphetamine, etc.. The hallucinogenic drugs such as "ice" (methamphetamine) etc.. Analgesic tablets daily contact, cough water in these drugs, some drugs (such as morphine, which belongs to the heroin, marijuana, central stimulant, codeine phosphate). The drug morphine analgesic effect is obvious, addiction is strong, so the medical as analgesics, such as receiving large operation, treatment of traumatic pain, limited to short-term control. Some opioids, tramadol, widely used in moderate and severe acute and chronic pain and pain in operation and surgical operation, pain after operation. Repeated doses may cause the following one or several phenomena: patients continue to use this medicine very strong desire, make every attempt to medical personnel for such drugs. Weak, even the use of illegal means, steal drugs or use high dark purchase of drugs and crime. So this class of drugs, patients can not abuse, must be allowed in a doctor's prescription and direct guidance. Emotional (psychological) dependence for the earliest reaction. Stop feeling restless mood. Physical dependence stop drug suddenly can cause the body ill or withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, yawn, runny nose, sweating, insomnia, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and even can produce collapse, limbs tic or paralysis, incontinence and serious reaction. If you give the same drug enough, these symptoms will disappear. Tolerance of drug dependence at the same time, also often has "tolerance", namely the drug need larger doses to the emergence of drug-resistant, meet the requirements.

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